The Village Hall was built in 1957 and has proved a focal point for many village activities.
Its history is documented here –

Many plays were produced: Alice in Wonderland  Peter Pan  Snow White  Wizard of Oz
 TML PC Thanks to V Gumm

In July 2015, on clearing the shed behind the Village Hall, various exhibition posters were found. They appear to demonstrate news of importance for 1957-1960. One article mentions Lord Hailsham being Minister for Sport from 1962-64. So, it is assumed that the Hall exhibition was after that, maybe 1965??? The poster articles are shown:-
Hall Charges 1950  Hall Posters 1957 1  Hall Posters 1957 2  Hall Posters 1957 3
Hall Posters 1958   Hall Posters 1960
The Hall Charges for 1950 refer to the Hall that was in Camp Lane. The current Hall replaced it in 1957.

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  1. Michael Woodhouse says:

    John, this is a great site, now that i have had a good look round it, well done. Over time i am sure it will become a valuable document even though it is digital Michael Woodhouse


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