Village Hall

The Village Hall is here for all members of the community and is a valuable part of village life.   The active Village Hall Committee runs fun, informal events throughout the year which are a fantastic opportunity to meet up and get to know people in your community.

See the Events menu option for Hall charges.

Committee members

Pat Freemantle               Chair

Geraldine Stone              Secretary &  TV10 Rep. (830656)

Katie Dickson                  Treasurer

Sarah Worrall                 Parish Council Rep.

Mavis Carden                 Parish Council Rep.

Lynne Goulding             Parochial Church Council Rep.

June Davey                      Cream Teas Rep.

Bruce Readman             Elected Member

Millie Wilkie-Stanley   Elected Member

Douglas Hayward        Elected Member

Laurie Goulding          Co-opted Member

Mike Clarke                  Co-opted Member

Julia Aitken                  Elected Member




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