Planning Advice

Planning considerations are rarely simple. There are many rules to consider. What may be thought of as a black & white case often turns out to be a very grey area.

Tarrant Monkton and Tarrant Launceston parishes both lie within an Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB) – Cranborne Chase & West Wiltshire Downs. Tarrant Monkton and some houses in Tarrant Launceston close to the Splash lie within a Conservation Area (see Parish Plan). AONBs and Conservation Areas require extra planning considerations. Listed buildings have an extra layer of planning requirements. However, some simple changes may be permitted developments.

The Government provides some advice at their Planning Portal.

North Dorset District Council also provides on-line advice at NDDC Planning and one can ask for advice at their Blandford forum offices at Norden, although this may be charged for.

It is good practice to take note of any conversations and reference numbers when given any advice.

You can also search for plans submitted at NDDC Plansearch
see User Guide Online Planning – User Guide amended 22 Jan 14

The best advice is, “If in doubt, ask for help”. The Parish Clerk may also be able to provide help from previous, similar, applications within the parishes.


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