Tarrant Monkton and Launceston Parish Council – Employers Liability Certificate 2016

Budget_Precept 2016-17 Approved

2016_17 Payments of £100 plus     Annual Income and Expenditure

Annual Accounts 2016_17 Internal Audited

Bank Account Statements 170331

Record of Assets 170331    Risk Assessment 170331   TML PC Financial Regulations V2

Annual Audit Letter 2016-17

Annual Return 2016_17 Internal Audit Report

Annual Return 2016_17 S1 Governance Statement

Annual Return 2016_17 S2 Accounting Statement restated

Annual Return 2016_17 S3 External Auditor Certificate

Annual Return 2016_17 S3 External Auditor Issues Report

Electors Rights 2016-17

2016_17 Notice of Conclusion of Audit