The meeting dates for 2019-20 are Wednesdays:
2019: 08 May, 03 July, 11 September, 13 November
2020: 08 January, 11 March
Meetings are held at the Village Hall and start at 6.45pm. The Public are welcome.
Draft minutes are published until approved at the next meeting.

190508 Annual Parish Meetings TL TM Agenda  Minutes
190508 TML PC Annual Statutory Meeting Agenda  Minutes

190508 TML PC Agenda  Minutes

190703 TML PC Agenda Minutes

190911 TML PC Agenda  minutes 

191005 TML PC planning agenda Riverside  minutes

191026 TML PC planning agenda Briar Cottage  minutes

191026 TML PC planning agenda Old Post Cottage  minutes

191113 TML PC agenda   minutes draft

191123 TML PC planning agenda Ratty Bank  inquorate meeting – no objections

191206 TML PC finance committee agenda minutes v2 draft

200104 TML PC planning agenda The Bungalow  minutes

200108 TML PC agenda minutes

200311 TML PC agenda minutes draft