The meeting dates for 2016-17 are Wednesdays:
2016: 11 May, 20 July, 14 September, 09 November
2017: 11 January, 08 March
Meetings are held at the Village Hall and start at 7.15pm. The Public are welcome.

160511 Annual Parish Meetings TL TM Agenda         minutes
160511 Annual Statutory Meeting TML PC Agenda   minutes
160511 TML PC Agenda    minutes

160521 Apple Tree Cottage planning agenda  minutes

160720 TML PC agenda   minutes

160910 Orchard Cottage planning agenda  minutes

160914 TML PC agenda   minutes

161109 TML PC agenda   minutes

161112-Cranborne Edge planning agenda  minutes

161112 Taddlestones planning agenda  minutes

170111 TML PC agenda   minutes

170308 TML PC agenda   minutes

170325 Launceston Farm planning agenda  minutes