Council Meetings

Council Meetings for the year start in May and then are normally held every other month, at the Village Hall.  See each year’s web-page and notice-boards for meeting dates. The statutory annual meetings are held during May. When specific planning applications are to be considered, a planning site meeting is normally conducted on site.

Each meeting always contains a Public session at the start, to allow members of the public to express any items of concern or interest. The Parish Council meeting will then discuss items on the published agenda.

Items not on the agenda cannot provide any decision. Such items will be carried forward to the next meeting’s agenda. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you wish an item to be discussed that requires a Council decision so that the next meeting’s agenda can be amended accordingly.

Draft minutes of Council meetings are published, normally within a week of the meeting. Any amendments are discussed and approved at the next meeting.

Agenda (from 2015/16) and minutes can be found in their relevant year web-page.

The inaugural meeting 28 Dec 1973 minutes are shown in
TML PC Inaugral Meeting Minutes 731228


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