There are several publications covering the history of the Tarrant Valley. Originally published for a small fee, given to the Church Restoration fund, if you find these of detailed interest, any donations to the fund will be gratefully received: contact either Fiona Macewen ( or 01258 830560) or Anthea Payne ( or 01258 830229)

  1. 10,000 Years in the Tarrant Valley     10000 Years in the Tarrant Valley
    produced by Owen Lidwell, based on the poster display by Ian Cheeseman and shown in the Anne Biddlecombe Hall Tarrant Keyneston on 7th May 2000.
  2. Shards                               Shards Pt1 Sh_Pt2 Sh_Pt3 Sh_Pt4 Sh_Pt5 Sh_Pt6
    by H G Eaton, born 1900, son of the Tarrant Monkton sub-Postmaster
  3. Millennium Memories                             Millennium Memories Tarrant Tales
    by Ken Parish, a journalist living in Tarrant Monkton around 2000.
  4. Langton Estates Sale 1929/41    29Pt1  29Pt2  29Pt3  29Map 41Map  41Sale
    he Langton Estates, owned by the Farquharson family, encompassed Tarrant Monkton & Launceston and were sold off in 1929 & 1941. The above documents and maps from the two auction particulars, were kindly provided by Mr G Wyllys.
  5. The Tarrant Down The Ages  TDA_1  TDA_2 TDA_3 TDA_4 TDA_5
    by Ian Cheesman & others in 2000. 
  6. From Dorset magazines: Exploring the Tarrants June 1986
    Tarrant Monkton – A photographic essay _ Dorset Life July 2011
    The Dorset Walk Tarrant Monkton and Manswood _ Dorset Life – The Dorset Magazine


  7. The Open Domesday Book
    Open Domesday Tarrant Monkton
  8. Ovaltine Advert
    This is a 30 second advert which features the Monkton Ford and the village shop
    back in 1980/81.  Ovaltine Advert Video
    Can you guess the identity of the lady pushing the pram?


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