Tarrant Monkton Bakery Fire of 1921

Garth Matthews has been much interested in the history of Tarrant Monkton as his mother Vera (Vera Crumpler) lived in the village in the 1920s. His sister Pamela wrote a story about the Bakery fire of 1921:
Thy Will Be Done – A Story about the Tarrant Monkton Bakery Fire of 1921

The Bakery was situated where The Post House is today.

Pictures of the History book mentioned in the above story are:

1 Response to Tarrant Monkton Bakery Fire of 1921

  1. Robert says:

    Dear Readers:
    You may be interested to know that I still have in my possession the little history book, referred to in my late sister’s story. The treasured book still contains the very words written by my mother on that fateful day in 1921.

    I have sent in a picture of the book – Longmans Historical Series for Schools , Book II – “A HISTORY OF GREAT BRITAIN [From The Earliest Times to the Death of Queen Victoria] “, written by T.F. Tout M.A., together with another picture of my mother’s words written inside the front cover

    Perhaps John Goode will be kind enough to publish them on the website at some stage.



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