River Tarrant

River Tarrant & Its Villages   River Tarrant
The River Tarrant is deemed a ‘winterborne’ by Wessex Water, drying out in summer. However, this classification normally applies more to the river from Tarrant Hinton northerly: the river usually runs all year from Tarrant Monkton, with contributary streams joining it at Monkton ford.

There is a R. Tarrant Protection/Preservation Society: as at 2011 RTPS 2011 and as at 2000 RTPS

December 2012 – see River Tarrant News Dec 2012   Manage Your Garden Stream     River Tarrant How You Can Help.

November 2012
The River Tarrant has been running well all year, due to a wet Spring & Summer. However, heavy downpours have occasionally caused rafts of weed to break loose and float down river.

November 2011
The River Tarrant has been dry in Tarrant Monkton since July. It is flowing at Tarrant Rawston and further south.  The RTPS asked for funds to commission an investigation on the validity of surveys that had been carried in the past on the problem of low-flow, and whether abstraction from the two pumping stations at Stubhampton and Shapwick was in fact the partial cause. Plans are also going ahead to make it less difficult for the spawning salmon and trout to surmount several obstacles, and it is possible that some of these may be ready for the 2012 spawning season.

Consultant report 2012-01-05    RTPS – Tarrant Times Article March 2019

Splash 30Nov12 #4

High Water 30Nov12

Splash 30Nov12 #1

From Monkton 30Nov12

Tarrant Flow Problems Pg1 Pg2
Fish saved from R.Tarrant (B’mouth Echo July 2011)
Dry Tarrant Aug 1995

Dry July 2011


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