There are several Gallery sub-pages showing pictures of the village through the years.

Village Aerial Photo 2009

Splash Fingerpost renovated July 2015, with new roundel

Splash Fingerpost renovated July 2015, with new roundel. Renovation team of John Goode, Gerard Wyllys, James Mallett, Shirley Wyllys and Brett Townsend (not in photo). Well done!

1 Response to Gallery

  1. David L says:

    Lovely “heart tugging” pics of the village, i would like to see more plus Jacks Cottage.Nice one of the footbridge over the splash. Reminds me of the day Grannie came into the kitchen and said to Grandad ” i wonder whats going on down at the splash, there are dozens of Yanks standing around”
    Well i kept quiet then, but here’s the story.
    I had a very beautiful cousin Gwenny Pitman who had long blond hair and was working for Mr & Mrs Higgins just up the lane. The yanks kept asking me who she was, so i told them she was my sister and would arrange a date ‘for a price’ usually Gum or Candy or anything that they could get but we could’nt. Only trouble is, i told them all to be on the footbridge about 5 pm on sunday, forgetting how many i had invited ! Never did tell Gwenny lolololol


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