Score Tables

The results of the Flower and Produce Show competitions are shown on the Score Tables. The first table lists all those who have entered at least one competition and the last table  lists the cup and prize winners for each competition. The other tables give details of the scores, section by section.The content of each section is given in the Schedule.

The scoring is as follows:-

0 – indicates that an entry fee for that exhibit has been received

X – indicates that the exhibit has been withdrawn (or not received)

1 – point given for third place in the competition section

2 – points given for second place in the competition section

3 – points given for first place in the competition section.

2012 Flower Show Score Table   2013 Flower Show Score Table

2014 Flower Show Score Table  2015 Flower Show Score Table

2016 Flower Show Score Table  2017 Flower Show Score Table

2018 Flower & Produce Show Results  2019 Flower & Produce Show Results


The procedure for entering the competitions is described below

Entry and Scoring Procedure