The Tarrant Monkton & Launceston Flower and Produce Show and Plant Sale are run for the benefit of the villagers of Tarrant Monkton and Tarrant Launceston, Dorset, England. Two events are held each year in the village hall.

  • In May, a plant sale is held at which villagers sell surplus plants. Additionally, plants bought in from local nurseries are sold.
  • In August a flower and produce show is held. In this show the villagers display exhibits from their gardens and home produce. These are judged by independent judges. Several cups and small money prizes are awarded for the best entries. A copy of the score table from the last show is available on this web site.

Entry to the Flower and Produce Show is limited to residents of the parish, their immediate families and other residents of the Tarrant Valley. The Show is funded primarily by the entry fees to the Flower and Produce Show and the proceeds from the Plant Sale. Donations are welcome.

The Flower and Produce Show and Plant Sale are run by a committee of villagers.

Every 3 to 4 years, the Committee organize an Open Gardens event. During this event the villagers open their gardens to the public over a weekend in June. A small charge is made for garden entry. A copy of the guide produced for a previous Open Gardens event is available on this web site.

All surplus funds collected by the Committee are disbursed to local charities including the Parish Church and Village Hall.

(To contact the Flower Show Committee, please use the contact given on the Village web site.)