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  1. David L says:

    Like the lady Margaret mentioned back in April 2012, i too have many happy memories of Tarrant Monkton. Prior to her passing in june of last year my mum Alice (Jacks eldest sister) was probably the eldest living,remaining ex resident of the village, when she passed away she was 76 yrs old having arriving in Tarrant Monkton aged 2 months ! and lived there till she and dad got a new council house at Pimperne in 1947. My grandparents, Joe and Bessie White owned “Jacks Cottage” which they bought back in the 1920’s. Grandma once told me that she had to “bully” grandad into borrowing the 800 pounds from Ernie Hull (publican) to buy it. He thought he would never be able to repay it back and was it worth it ect ! I grew up in Jacks Cottage, knew every person in every house in the village, and there were some characters. I remember the Yanks at the Langton Arms waiting to get a glass for a beer, as there were none to be bought in those days. My mate Phillip Smeeth and i, were 9 yrs old by then,and knew of an old tip up the camp lane and used to dig up old jam jars clean them up and sell them outside the pub one penny for the pint ones and half penny for the half pint ones. I have often wondered what treasures are sitting in that dump.They used to take them back up the lane at closing time and being a bit drunk either loose them or throw them away…………we knew this , so would go searching the next day after school lololol. wash them and sell them again. That’s only one of my memories. If anybody has heard the tale of the incendiary bomb in the pub, well i was the boy who carried it in, but there is another story in that !
    I now live in Thailand and will be making my last tip back to the old country in Aug/Sept for my farewell and 78th birthday. One of the first places i will be making a ‘bee line’ for will be Tarrant Monkton. So if anybody wants to ask any questions just email me. I think i can still remember who lived in which house. Miss Ansty and Miss Sadler in the post office for example.
    David Langdown

    • Judith Morena says:

      Dear David, I was very interested to read your article. My grandparents, Ellis and Barbara Crumpler, moved to Tarrant Monkton in 1920 and lived there until about 1927 in the house next to the bakery which caught fire in the early 1920s. I wonder if you have ever heard of the Crumpler family – I realize that they lived in Tarrant Monkton well before you were born, but I thought I’d write to you, just in case! I have been living in France for the past 40 years but I still love going back to Dorset. Many thanks for any information you may have. With best wishes, Judith Morena

  2. David L says:

    Mistake, mum was 96 yrs old

  3. David L says:

    Hi Judith,
    As you say, the Crumplers were before my time, but i do remember mum talking of a Crumpler who lived in the big house set back from the road between Bessie Halls modern cottage and Mrs Van Drutens house which was close to Maidments bakery, but i think there was a man who was elderly and had a minder, although his name was John or something like that think my sister Stella, she’s a year younger than me. knows something about that. Incidentially, Mr Maidment the baker used to deliver his bread in an old horse drawn van but got smashed up one day in Tarrant Launceston just down from Strange’s farm almost opposite the cottage where the Bonds lived, when a Yank with a truck ran into him, the van was wrecked and i think the horse was killed, but am not sure about that. However that was the end of the bread deliveries although i remember going to the scene and picking up some nice loaves of fresh bread !
    Bye for now Judith and do enjoy your next visit to TM.
    David L.

  4. David L says:

    Hi Judith, My sister Stella thinks the man was called Charlie Crumpler, might have been a nick name.

  5. David L says:

    Hi to Judith Morena,
    With reference your email dated 27th., March 2013.
    I am now in Dorset on holiday and going through some old paperwork of my late mum’s, i have come across an old undated photograph titled “One of Jim Gatehouse’s birthday party” with eleven children. My mum and uncle Jack are in it and Jack looks to be about 8-9 yrs old. He was born 2nd Jan 1913, so it should be about 1920-21 ! Also in the photo are three Crumpler girls.
    Wyn, Mabel and Vera.
    There is another taken at the unveiling of the war memorial, Jack is about the same age, and i think i recall mum saying that it was unveiled in about 1922.

    • Judith Morena says:

      Hi David,
      First of all I should like to apologize for not replying to your e-mails before. In fact, I haven’t logged on to the Tarrant Monkton website for some time and it was just by chance that, lo and behold, I came across your e-mails addressed to me!
      The information you have sent me is absolutely brilliant and I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to contact me.
      My grandfather, Ellis Crumpler, and his family lived in the Post House next to the bakery which caught on fire. I have also learned that he probably worked as a gardener for a Miss Snagge who moved into the village at that time. In fact, when Miss Snagge later moved on to Newton Peverill, Sturminster Marshall and then on to West Morden, my grandfather and his family moved with her and he worked for her until he retired in about 1948.
      The other interesting information in your e-mails is about the photo of Jim Gatehouse’s birthday party. I also have that photo and on the back is marked “Taken July 30th 1921”. So now we have an exact date. My Auntie Win is on the far left in the back row, then comes Auntie Marge and next to her, Auntie Vera. My Mum, Mabel Crumpler, is the little girl seated in the next row on the far left, in front of Auntie Win.
      I wonder if you could let me know where your Mum and your Uncle Jack are sitting.
      It is also interesting that your sister, Stella, mentioned Charlie Crumpler. In fact, that is the name of my Uncle Charlie who was just one year old when the family moved to Tarrant Monkton.
      Well, David, if I can think of anything else, I will certainly let you know.
      Thank you once again for getting in touch. Our families have certainly spread far and wide – you in Thailand, me in France!
      In the meantime, all the best to you and your family.


    hello to David L
    This is Garth[Matthews] . I am Judy Morena’s cousin and Vera Crumpler’s son.
    We also have the photograph of Jim Gatehouse’s birthday party. Fortunately my Nan, Barbara Crumpler wrote the date on the back – July 1921. Another Crumpler girl, Marg, is also in the photo, alongside her [twin] sister Win.
    Thanks very much for the info regarding the unveiling of the war memorial. I have badgered many people , especially in Tarrant Monkton, about the date of the unveiling and you have now solved the mystery.
    In this photo there is Barbara Crumpler, Lillian (Lil), Margery(Marg), Win, and Vera.
    I always think it is great to see photos of people living thier lives rather than posed in front of the camera. I dont know if you would agree, but the photo of the war-memorial unvelining would make a great jigsaw puzzle!!
    Did your Mum ever talk of a Miss Snagge, possibly living at Tarrant Luton House?

    We should be grateful to hear any infomration/stories involving the Crumpler family

  7. David L says:

    Dear Garth
    Goodness me ! its now 2014, time is passing too quickly. I am now back on my beautiful island of Koh Samui in the southern Gulf of Thailand, so a bit out of touch with things now. However my sister Stella who lives at Verwood will have pics etc., unfortunately she did a silly thing when sorting mums documents. She came across the original deeds etc of JACK’s cottage which gran & grandad ( Joe & Bessie White) bought in 1he 1920’s for about 800 pounds ! and dumped it grrrrrrrrrrr ! Anyone can get Stella …… or Mrs S Hayward,
    1.Woodlinken close,
    David L.

  8. David L says:

    Just a funny little memory from the early 40’s. A very stormy and windy April.
    Grandad Joe White was asked to go up Camp Lane as a tree had blown across the lane, would he try to remove it. So he and i set off in the darkening afternoon and miserable stormy weather, he carrying his big ‘cross cut ‘ saw and i with his 12 bore shotgun, which he always carried.
    We had been sawing away for a couple of hours ( work did’nt bother kids in those days) when i heard the droning of a low flying aeroplane, looking up we saw a German bomber emerging from the low clouds, engines on fire , obviously having difficulty maintaining height. “Look out ” says grandad “he has seen us” As it passed over at about 1000 ft., us crouching behind the tree, grandad let go at it with both barrels. The bomber carried on towards Tarrant Keyneston, but we heard that it had crashed somewhere down the valley . To his dying day , poor old grandad believed that he had shot it down with his 12 bore shotgun, and me too for a few years, lolololol

  9. John Latimer says:

    Hello. I am trying to make contact with Darren Shepard who lives in the village and has done several jobs for the village. I own a Joinery company in Poole and we use Darrento finish some of our Joinery. I have not been able to contact him since 29th of December. His phone goes straight to answer phone and he has not replied to any of my messages. I am sure there is no need to worry but I am concerned and do not have any other avenues to follow. I was hoping you may be able to let me know he is ok.


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