TV10 2018 Results

Andy Eastaugh, the Race Director, says:-

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of those from Tarrants Monkton and Launceston (and beyond) who assisted with the Tarrant Valley 10 last Sunday. The event cannot run smoothly without the enormous number of villagers who help prepare the event and/or give up their peaceful Sunday morning as the village puts on its running shoes on behalf of the TV10’s good causes.
In blistering heat and unbroken sunshine, 166 runners completed the main race and 28 children (plus a few parents!) the 1 mile race. I am proud to announce that, provisionally, the event has made a profit of £2,800 which will be divided equally between our 3 good causes; The Louis Ross Foundation, Bus Shelter Dorset and All Saints Church Tarrant Monkton. Another fantastic result!
Andy Eastaugh

P.S. Read the 2018 race report and see some of the photos on

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