Top of the List for Launceston Farm

Launceston Farm was highlighted as top of the list in the Telegraph’s weekend magazine (dated 16 August) in an article entitled “Four of the Best Farms to Stay in”.

Well done Sarah & team!

The article stated:

“Sarah Worrall’s father bought Launceston Farm, parts of which date from 1680, in 1929. He farmed there until his death seven years ago, when Sarah’s son, Jimi, took over. Today he runs it 100 per cent organically, producing, among other things, beef from Angus and South Devon cattle (some of which goes to the local butcher, the rest to Sainsbury’s via its nearby organic abattoir), wheat, barley, rye and oats. Sarah, meanwhile, runs the Georgian farmhouse as a pretty B&B with six light, airy, antique-filled en suite bedrooms (she was born in Orchard, a beautiful room overlooking the garden and orchards), an outdoor pool for summer months and breakfasts packed with ingredients from the farm, such as sausages, eggs and apple juice. Greeting you with tea and cake on arrival, Worrall is always at hand to dispense tips on everything from the best local walks to the nearest lovely bits of coastline (Lulworth Cove is about 45 minutes away). She also provides evening meals on Monday and Friday nights, but you have to request them in advance.
Doubles from £45, supper from £25 (01258-830528;”

PS The new Parish Council notice board is now in place on the refurbished holiday apartment at the entrance to Launceston Farm.

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Tarrant Valley 10 – Results

The 27th Tarrant Valley 10 race was held on July 20.  As usual, Barbara gave us the use of the field and toilets, and Gerard the Chapel field for car parking.  The conditions were favourable; there had been torrential rain the day before,while 3 days later the start was covered with fresh tarmac.
There were 180 entries for the 10k race.  There were 20 entries for the 1 mile children’s race,  the youngest being Martha Blyth aged 3.  One of the youngest runners in the 10k was Ryan Walbridge of Tarrant Launceston, aged 17.  He came 4th. Other valley runners included Steve Claxton, Tim Seward, Nick Jenkins, Jonnie Sterck, Michael Clark and Yordan Sinapov – and a lot of the children too.
Over 50 people from our villages helped in one way or another – a remarkable score. Generous donations to our running costs came from Sarah Worrall, Traci Handford, Robin Hooper and Jonathan White, and others.  The day’s efforts raised enough to give our three main charities £780 each – Wessex Neurological Unit, Naomi House and Jack’s Place Hospices, and Tarrant Monkton Church.  More details about the race, and full results, can be seen on the website

James Malden

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Flower Show – a blooming success

The Tarrant Monkton & Launceston Flower & Produce Show was held on Saturday 2nd August and it provided a wonderful feast for the eyes. The results can be found on the Flower show’s web-site: click here

25 adults and 10 children entered the contest. Well done to all who provided such lovely entries.

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Thunderstorms bring damage

On Saturday 19 July, and the previous night, the village experienced heavy lightning and thunder storms close by. As a result the roads were very wet and streams of water were running down to the Splash.
Unfortunately, a motorist got caught out by the conditions and skidded straight on at the Turners Lane bend and ended up in the garden of Wyndbrook Cottage. Let’s hope the damage to the hedge can be repaired quickly.

Car crashed at Turners Lane Sat 19 June 2014 cMC

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MidSummer Mayhem Results

On Saturday 21 June, we experienced the MidSummer Mayhem 2014 event.
The results are as follows:
Welly Chuck

  •  Men – Adult – Winner – Derek Kerr 30 metres (event record)
  •  Men –  60+  – Winner – Norman Frampton 26.3 metres
  • Men – 10-17 – Winner – Josh Daplyn 19.8 metres
  • Men –  <10   – Winner – Tom Evans 5.3 metres
  • Women – Adult – Winner – Suzie Clarke 15.0 metres
  • Women –  60+   – Winner – Carol Clarke 16.0 metres
  • Women – 10-17 – Winner – Alex Daplyn 10.8 metres
  • Women –  <10   – Winner – Elise Kerr 2.5 metres

Wheelbarrow race

  •   <10  (Age of sitter) – Winner Andrew & Thiggy 2m 20s
  • 10-17 (Age of sitter) – Winner Martin & Holly Dore 3m 10s
  • Adult (Age of sitter) – Winner Suzie * William Bulkley 3m 15s

Cricket Match

In a close contest, Tarrant Monkton won with 68 to Tarrant Launceston’s 64.

Here is the score card: Cricket Match Scores 2014


This proved to be a very entertaining addition to the event.
I have no idea who won but they all had a good time!

Once again, the village responded magnificently to enjoy a great event.

Many thanks to all the Cricket Tea helpers and providers and all who participated.

See the  Parish Archive 2014 MidSummer Mayhem page for pictures.

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Treasure found in the Tarrant Valley

On 20 May, the Daily Mail carried an article on how an engineer from Poole found an ancient solid gold tribal necklace worth £20,000 in a farmer’s field full of grazing cows.
See the article at Daily Mail Article.

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Swarm at Mailbox

On Tuesday 20 May, the postbox at Launceston Farm had a swarm of bees removed.
This time of year is right for queen bees to find a place for a new hive.
“We wondered why the postman was all dressed in white!” said John Goode.
“As we drove past, we could see the bees being removed from the postbox – they obviously did not like the idea of being posted elsewhere!”

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